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[Yami no Matsuei] (PG)

Author's Note: Written for [community profile] fic_promptly's Any, Any, the food is fancier than [character] is used to having. Featuring Muraki and Tsuzuki in that ongoing AU where Tsuzuki is Muraki's companion

The times when Tsuzuki saw this much silverware on the table happened when he attended one of the Count's flower viewing tea parties. The same went for when the table had an arrangement of fruit and flowers, like something out of a classical painting. And the food: the soup got served up in a fancy china cup with a garnish of parsley and some other herbs floating on top. The dressing for the salad came in its own tiny cruet and the slices of the meat, sliced turkey with cranberry dressing, lay neatly arranged on the plate like the spokes of a wheel.

"Wow," Tsuzuki murmured at every course. He even had a little trouble eating them, at least at first.

"Impressed by the presentation, I take it?" Muraki asked, looking up from his plate and giving Tsuzuki a smirk and a raised brow.

"Yeah, it's like something out of a fancy cooking magazine. Or a cookbook, I suppose," Tsuzuki said, taking up one of the knives, intending to cut into the meat, but holding off for the moment.

"Recipes like this, they don't exactly turn up in the kind of cooking magazines one finds in the supermarket checkout," Muraki noted. "Is this your first time, having a meal like this?"

"Yeah, it's... that probably makes me sound like a total rube, right?" Tsuzuki admitted.

Muraki smiled and shook his head gently. "No, not at all: we come from different worlds, nothing more than that. I'm sure there are things which seem familiar to you that would seem as foreign as the dark side of the moon to me," he said.

"Yeah, like shopping for your own groceries or gathering mulberry leaves to feed to silkworms, like on my family's farm," Tsuzuki said.

"Your family raised silkworms, that's right," Muraki noted.

Tsuzuki wanted to glare at his keeper, but stopped himself, not wanting to spoil his meal or Muraki's. "You found out everything about me, didn't you?"

"It wasn't hard: my grandfather looked into your background, trying to figure out who you were," Muraki said.

"And he left this info for you to find, like he was setting us up for a match," Tsuzuki replied, cutting into his meat.

"Perhaps: he knew what you were, and what I would become, so would almost seem that way," Muraki said, addressing himself to his meal.

Tsuzuki glanced up. "Seems a little stalkery," he said, taking a forkful of meat. The flavor washing over his tongue made him pause while chewing and roll his eyes in bliss. "Mmmm... huh... Maybe I shou'n't c'mplain."

Muraki chuckled. "Worth your while to have your background scrutinized?"

Tsuzuki swallowed. "Well, it's still a little irksome, but I guess I'm just easy to please."

"One of the many reasons why I'm so fond of you," Muraki said.

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