The Matrix Refugee (mtxref_fic) wrote,
The Matrix Refugee

[Yami no Matsuei] "Storm of Words" (PG)

Author's Note: Written for fuda_100's "Calm Before The Storm", Featuring Muraki and Oriya, just before the climax of the Kyoto arc.

Kazutaka had never spoken much, but Muraki dominated conversations. Yet tonight, the pale man said little, as if poring over his own thoughts, his own plans, things he only hinted to Oriya.

"I don't like this quiet," Oriya said over supper.

His friend looked up from his plate. "Here I thought my chatter bored you."

"It's not that: you get this quiet, it's a bad sign. Like a calm day before a storm hits. What are you thinking about."

"I'm thinking about the last phase of my plan. When it's enacted, I shan't bore you with my chatter, ever again."
Tags: comm: fuda_100, fandom: yami no matsuei, genre: drabble, rating: pg

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