The Matrix Refugee (mtxref_fic) wrote,
The Matrix Refugee

[Yami no Matsuei]

Author's Note: Written for fuda_100's "Time out for naughtiness". Set after the pilot chapter of the manga.

"Suspended without pay, Chief? That's a bit much," Tatsumi said, speaking alone to Chief Konoe.

"Tsuzuki helped that girl find the will to live: we lost the Summons and the King of Hades isn't pleased," Konoe said.

"But you know what a slacker he is," Tatsumi said. "It's almost a reward for his chivalry."

"And do you have a better idea?"

"I would put him on desk duty at half pay," Tatsumi replied.

"He does have a record of slacking off when it comes to completing his paperwork," Konoe said. "I'll call him in tomorrow, to finish up those files."
Tags: comm: fuda_100, fandom: yami no matsuei, rating: pg
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