The Matrix Refugee (mtxref_fic) wrote,
The Matrix Refugee

[Yami no Matsuei] (PG)

Author's Note: Written for < lj user="fuda_100">'s "demons". Featuring Muraki, just become aware of his inner darkness.

He'd always felt something in his mind, even from his youth: that hunger that pulled at him had to come from somewhere.

Then he nearly went into the darkness from which no one returned, and when he emerged, anyone else would have thought they had picked up a hitch-hiker, something nasty that had latched onto their soul.

But he knew better: he knew the darkness had always lurked within, an unawakened aspect waiting for the moment to emerge from the back of his soul.

People spoke of angels when they saw him, but they needed to remember demons were angels.
Tags: comm: fuda_100, fandom: yami no matsuei, genre: drabble, rating: pg
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