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Ref's Ficcage

The Matrix Refugee
10 June 1977
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Hello there, and welcome to the fanfic journal of matrixrefugee! Here you'll find some of the fanfics I'd posted elsewhere on LiveJournal yet not on my personal LJ, but which I've collected here lest they should be lost if the comm is deleted (this has happened before...)

The Rules

1. Gently worded constructive criticism, with the operating word being "constructive" is welcome; flames and/or bashing the fic, or it's author is not welcome and repeat offenses can lead to a ban and/or the use of the Internet Fire-Extinguisher.

2. This is a gen, het, and slash-friendly journal. Sometimes there will be het and slash in the same fic: the two are co-existent, as there are characters who are canonically bi (Captain Jack Harkness in "Torchwood", Dr. Kazutaka Muraki in "Yami no Matsuei"), or who twig my bi-dar and therefore I write them as bi (Asato Tsuzuki in "Yami no Matsuei"). Heterointolerant or homointlerant comments (ie. genuinely bashing the orientations, as opposed to saying one isn't a fan of either in fanfic) are frowned upon.

3. Squeeing over pairings brings joy. Bashing pairings or insisting X should be with Y will earn you the Rabid Shipper designation. If this involves a slash pairing or saying X should be slashed with Y, you may get the Rabid Yaoi Fangurl (note spelling) designation.

4. I sometimes write fade to black sequences in some romance fics. This does not mean I am a prude or am guilty of censorship, it just means I wanted to write a fade to black. I might not have felt like writing smut that day, or I may have felt the story had run its course.

5. Please Heed The Warnings and Ratings! If the fic is rated R and above, I rated it thus for a good reason. If I warn for violence, language, dub-con, smut, character death, etc. it is also for a good reason. Please to be not getting the knickers in a knot if you failed to heed them. Don't Like Don't Read might have gotten over-used as an argument by fanbrats, but it doesn't make it an invalid statement.

6. Crack-fic is cracky! Sometimes I write a story just because I liked the idea, or because I wanted to see a certain kind of fic, but couldn't find it. Stories like this are a Your Mileage May Vary situation.

7. If you're unfamiliar with a canon and it's characters, please at least look it up on Google or Wikipedia before jumping to conclusions about the characters and/or setting and how they should be written. Really. I've had this done to me before and it made the commenter (a professional writer, no less) look like a total eedjit.

8. No bashing any fandoms represented here or bashing me for writing fics set in certain fandoms. Do not assume things about me based on those fandoms; please remember that "assume" makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me". I may write Yami no Matsuei fics, but this does not make me a Yaoi Fangurl. I write the odd Twilight fanfic now and then, but this does not imply that I worship the ground that SMeyers walks on.

***8a. No media elitism, either. Please. No hating on TV/movie adaptations/interpretations of a given canon. In some cases, I came to a canon by way of the video media adaptation of a dead tree canon and thus it might have colored my interpretation. I may write fic inspired by the video version, or I may blend elements of video canon and book canon: I will mark a fic as such.

****8b. Sometimes I write fic dealing with less than popular elements/episodes in canon (ie. Torchwood: Children of Earth). I do so because I like to explore the themes that are involved. Offense is never intended, and I will mark a fic as being X-episode based.

*9. No fascism, whether it's regarding grammar or canon details! I'm a human being and sometimes I miss a grammatical/spelling/typographical error when I proofread. Please to be not foaming at the mouth over *one* error. For the same reason, if I muff some minute detail (or if the canon is a Japanese medium and thus I'm depending on a translation because I do not understand Japanese), please to be not foaming at the mouth over that.

**10. Opinions of the characters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the author! A character's view on anything from age of consent laws to abortion to gay marriage to euthanasia are not necessarily the ones I share. Also, grey or questionable portrayals of characters who happen to be of a certain class do not equal anti-:: insert group::. There are good and bad people in every group and this one just happened to be one of the less than pleasant ones.

11. HAVE FUN! This is the most important rule, so I saved it for last.

*Added June 19, 2011
**Added October 22, 2011
***Added June 7, 2012


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